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About college

Rao's Degree College

                    Rao's Degree College Success had started in 1983 and since then serves as an educational hub in Nellore. The Institution started as a  Coaching Centre with modest strength of five student and developed gradually to include Degree, PG, MBA, MCA, and Pharmacy colleges. The Institution started a Junior College in 1992 and achieved state 1st, 4th and 9th Ranks. Again in 1997 the Institution created tsunami of ranks in Inter by getting State 1st,2nd 3rd,9th,and 10th and 12th.The students who studied in this Institution became Doctors, Engineers ,giving their services  at National and International level.

Further, the Rao's Degree College started a Degree college in the year 1996 in order to extend the services in UG Courses such as BSc, M.S.Cs, M.P.C, M.E.Cs, and also  Managements groups  such as BBM and B.Com (Computers) Circles. The group up-graded Degree College to PG College in 2001.The Institution introduced several PG courses such as MSc in Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Organic chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, MFM and MA English.

The Institution is Ranked as No1 for introducing all the above courses in Nellore for the first time. Later, the Institution started MCA college in1998 as an affiliated Branch to  S.V University,Tirupathi and achieved university 1st  and 4th Ranks in the first year itself.  Gradually Rao’s group started a Pharmacy college for the first time in Nellore and introduced B Pharmacy curriculum to the students of Nellore. Later it was upgraded into M Pharmacy College in 2009.

4 decades in the field of Instruction:

                    The Institution has been working for the last 4 decades  by updating with modern facilities, better Lab facilities besides providing separate hostel for Boys and Girls with nutritious food. The college has excellent and updated Computer labs, with sophisticated teaching. As a result of disciplined and experienced teachers teaching, many companies started looking at the Institution and the Institution went for tie ups  and campus selections. The students of this college are engaged in  jobs at national and international levels, they have become IAS officers, Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Railway and bank officers.

  The Institution continued  maintaining its specialty and progressed by  introducing  many courses to the students of Nellore and other districts and had given them an opportunity to excel their lives in the field of higher education.