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Examinations Cell

Examination Cell

The Examination Cell is headed by a chief superintendent (Principal/Senior Professor of the institute) of the examination and ably assisted by a Officer Incharges of Examinations (O.I.E) with Asst. Incharge & other supporting staff.

Conduction of all examinations includes Internal& Examinations of University/ Any Govt. Organization Exams/ other organizations exam in Offline /Online mode, is the main activity cell. The exam cell also coordinates with the affiliated university JNTUA , Ananthapuram regarding all matters related to the Pre, In & Post examinations.

The O.I.E also coordinates with the Head of the Institution (Director/Principal/Vice Principal) in all the matters related to the examinations.

Further for Communication of any information either to be sent or received to/from the University are being dealt with in the cell.

Major Activities of Rao's Exam Cell are:

  • Any Circular, Guideline, Office Order, Notification received by the University or Government related to the Examinations is processed in the Exam cell, thereof reply for them are prepared and signed from Principal’s for further dispatched to the respective destination (Govt/University/other Stack holders etc.,)

  • All Examination related Notices /Time Tables received from the University/Govt. Officials are duly served to all concerned.

  • The Notices for University indicating details regarding Fee Collection, the last date of fee Collection, modalities of payments of fine etc.

  • Preparation of Seating arrangement for the smooth conduct of Examinations, preparation of Internal ExaminationTime tables, Invigilation duty chart, Overall and Hallwise Seating allotment in the Examination halls etc.,

  • During the Examination time, proper staff mobilization, assigning the roles and responsibility of the examination personnel as per the duty chart already prepared.

  • After completion of Internal examination, Answered Booklets were handed over to the concerned teachers and receiving the corrected answer booklets, award list, and tabulating of  Marks in the desired University format and send them to university by proper approval of the competent authority.

  • After the results of various examinations received from the University, SVCN Exam Cell analyzes all examination results in consulting with the Principal & prepare the report as per requirements and submit them to the competent authorities  for necessary action .