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Mandatory Disclosure

Mandatory Disclosure:

At Rao's Degree College, transparency and accountability are fundamental principles guiding our operations. In line with our commitment to providing clear and accurate information, we adhere to mandatory disclosure requirements. This ensures that our students, faculty, parents, and the wider community have access to essential details about our college.

Through mandatory disclosure, we offer comprehensive information about our academic programs, faculty qualifications, infrastructure facilities, fee structures, and more. This information is readily available through multiple channels, including our college website, official publications, and campus notice boards.

By providing transparent and accessible information, we empower our students to make informed decisions about their education and involvement in college activities. At Rao's Degree College, transparency is a cornerstone of our values, and we are dedicated to upholding it in all aspects of our operations.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and fairness. Through mandatory disclosure, we demonstrate our commitment to openness, honesty, and accountability to our students and the wider community.