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                  We are very proud to say that few students are studying in our dept from various countries like Nepal, Nigeria and from different parts of India. For the better placements we have signed MOUs with various standard assessment organizations like Co Cubes, AMCAT, Elitmus. We have a strong technical team (Technical hub) to train our students in coding practices and problem-solving skills. We are happy to say that our college is having Pearson certified center and we are in associations with many MNC’s like Oracle Academy, CISCO, Infosys Campus Connect, SAP Student Academy Program, Red Hat Academy, Skill Development Center (APSSDC) etc., We are very happy to say that most of our students have been trained and certified in various new technologies and trends which are necessary in the current industries from the first year onwards. We are glad to share this message of our students have been placed in dream companies with packages of more than 10 lakhs. And since last two years averagely placed with package of around 5 lakhs.

                One of the key factors of our department is our faculty. They are eminent with Industry, teaching and research experiences, committed and sincere about their career. We are very proud to say that our department has 10 PhDs and remaining faculty members are pursuing PhDs in various reputed Universities. The faculty members are actively involved in publishing their research articles in various reputed journals and conferences

The Degree department has well established and equipped laboratories with high end configuration and computing facilities. The Department has 4 high end servers and 6 Laboratories and 2 Industry Sponsored Labs supporting various programming languages, and also facilitates various recent technologies like Datamining tools, ML, IoT etc., The Department also has well equipped PG Lab, Research lab and Computer center with high-speed internet connectivity.The CSE department has many strengths include its high faculty-to-student ratio, state of the art facilities, renowned faculty, strong focus on undergraduate education balanced with leading-edge research, and emphasis on leadership, service, and ethics.

Our faculty members motivate or support the students in getting placed in MNC, to actively participate in various coding competitions like Google Kickstart, TCS Code Vita, Infosys InfyTQ, Virtusa Neural hack etc., to establish start-up's and also encourage more in research articles. The department also have ISTE and CSI student chapters organizing various technical events